Your Bed Loves You, Meredith Gaston

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Whether you are young or old, nimble or wobbly, tucked into bed on the doctor’s orders or struggling to get to sleep, you can use your time in bed to explore and heal your soul while finding delightful ways to get to sleep.

Meredith Gaston, artist and passionate lover of all things bed, encourages us to discover that our bed time can be as creative as it is restorative, enriching our days and bringing joy and peace to our lives. We learn about our dreams, our sleeping positions, the comfort foods to lull you to sleep and dream catchers to recall your innermost thoughts. Simply snuggle back, relax and be guided through a world of eclectic sleepy facts and delicious ideas to send you to dreamland. The perfect gift for the sleep deprived, or the bedbound. 'Your Bed Loves' You is sure to uplift, soothe and inspire.

Format: Hardback