Conch Shell Candle

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For the ultimate beach abode, the Conch Shell Candle is not just for essential aromas to make your home smelling fresh its also a fabulous home décor alternative to use as a decorative piece. This Candle will add that seaside charm to any room. 
100% Natural Soy Wax 
Burn time: Approx. 60+ hours
Net Weight of Wax: 710g
Conch Shell: 20 x 15.5 x 9.5cm
Australian Made
Premium Fragrance Oil
Candle Care

Please keep your decorative candles away from direct sunlight and out of hot locations. The UV changes the colour of the wax turning it fluorescent yellow, and high temperatures can cause the scent to separate from the wax and sits on the top surface of your candle. If these happen your candle is perfectly fine, it just doesn't look as pretty. On your first burn please take all decorations out and let your candle burn until the wax has melted to the edges of your conch shell, it may require 3-4 hours for the first burn due to the large area to melt. Each burn after this will be less. Please don't extinguish fame before it has melted to the edges or you will create a tunneling effect and won't get to use the entire candle.