Our Values

"A curation of ethical pieces, timeless fashion and heirloom treasures that can be handed down for generations to come..."
We believe in a conscious, sustainable and inclusive world. Daydream & Daydream (little.) is a small online store dedicated to bringing you a careful selection of ethical brands and pieces designed to be handed down and replace single use items, always chosen with the heart. We focus on natural fibres and textiles including linen, sustainably sourced wood and certified organic cotton.
Each brand that we retail is intentionally selected to be loved, treasured and re-used over and over again by our customers. We choose only to work with brands that are small, slow, ethical and whose values align closely with our own. Our brands are united with us in supporting ethical industry practices including equal pay, supporting women in the work force and choosing manual labour or hand made where possible.
We choose Hero backyard compostable mailers, practice a minimal approach to print advertisement and use only plastic-free recyclable materials when packing your orders. Daydream & Daydream (little.) remains an evolving brand, continuously learning and adapting to change in efforts to ensure that we continue to grow and demonstrate the ethical practices that we want to see in an industry which we feel very passionate to be apart of. We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Custodians of the land where we call home, the Gureng Gureng people and their Elders, past, present and emerging.